As a result of a collaboration between our four universities withing the framework EU4ART European University we have established LABoratories at ABARoma – Academy of Fine Arts of Rome (Italy), HfBK – Dresden University of Fine Arts (Germany), LMA – Art Academy of Latvia (Latvia) and MKE – Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Hungary).

ABARoma Lab ‘CARE’
ABARoma considers the laboratory as a community that provides a framework for experimentation and collaboration between professionals from different research fields. It also envisions the LAB as a place for learning and knowledge sharing, providing a common source of inspiration and motivation for researchers of different generations.
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HfBK Artistic Research  Lab
The HfBK approaches artistic research from various viewpoints, opening the LAB to postgraduates with a broad range of artistic backgrounds, from painting, installation and conceptual art practice to performance and art therapy. The LAB embraces discourses related to social sciences as well as to ontological practice, tacit knowledge, and expert skills in processes of creative practice.
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LMA Artistic Research  Lab
Art practice and theory have been traditionally intertwined in the LMA curriculum. However, art research is seen not only as a bridge between the two but also as a methodology that generates new possibilities for both fields. Their LAB concept is based on openness (Open Lab), focusing on art education, interdisciplinarity and specific methodologies, which they aim to extend further through participatory research methods.
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MKE Artistic Research Lab
The concept of the MKE is based on the idea that artistic research is primarily a collective activity. Therefore, the LAB is conceived as a discursive space where individual research outputs of different levels (student, doctoral, faculty) can be shared. Their intersections can develop collaborations that can possibly lead to broader cultural and social impact through the involvement of external partners.
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Publications and Videos

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>>> Documentation of the 5th Symposium in Visual Arts / Artistic Research: Method, Strategy and Outreach 
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>>> Catalogue | Final exhibition “challenging (un)certain terrain  | Dresden | 09/2023