LMA Rīga Lab

LMA premises at Kronvalda Bulvaris 4 , Rīga Photo: Andrejs Strokins

The Art Academy of Latvia Open LAB format focuses on the realisation of various formats of public activities organised by both students and invited guest professors to ensure their knowledge transfer to society and teach them methods necessary for artistic innovation suitable for independent evaluation and selection, including research based innovation, has contributed to the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge or has attributed a new understanding to existing knowledge and its application in practice, through creative artistic work or large-scale original research, part of which is carried out at international level, cited publications. In addition to communicating orally and in writing about their respective artistic fields of activity with wider professional circles and society as a whole and independently improving their professional qualifications, implementing research-based innovation projects by achieving achievements that meet international criteria of the specific field research-based and especially artistic research-based innovation or To cope with development tasks in companies, institutions and organizations where extensive research and artistic research-based innovative knowledge and skills are required.

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Directly focusing on public and reach out to society activities, the goal is to secure understanding in a wider context about diverse aspects of artistic research. AR LAB will also serve as a testing ground for a broader implementation of the outreach and outreach research activities that bridge artistic inquiry and research. Therefore, AR LAB will contribute directly to the social and community turn of artistic research. The special role of artistic research as a testing ground for interdisciplinary and community-based research approaches and activities will help further persuade stakeholders to recognize the relevance and precise role of artistic research. It will further promote the implementation of research and artistic-research-related activities at all levels of artistic education and also provide background for the recognition of an artistic research.

Third Mission of the Art Academy of Latvia.

AR LAB activities are included into the curriculum of professional doctoral study programme and will became part of joint doctoral school activity. AR LAB will be provided for all schools participating in the EU4ART_differences project and the joint professional doctoral programme. Therefore, further activities related to the AR LAB will be financed by funding the doctoral study programs and R&D activities of the Art Academy of Latvia. AR LAB will continue to serve as a key platform for establishing Open Research and Civic Research activities and practices in the field of artistic research of the Art Academy of Latvia. Besides these activities, the AR LAB will also serve as a starting point for artistic research activities of the Third Mission of the Art Academy of Latvia.