Making a repository for Artistic Research usable is one of the tasks assigned to the project teams in EU4ART_differences. Since June 2022, our alliance has been a project portal partner in the Research Catalogue (RC), a non-commercial, collaboration and publishing platform for Artistic Research, provided by the Society for Artistic Research, and is thus part of a completely new offering.

This is an experiment for us, the developers, and our SAR colleagues. The Research Catalogue will be used over the following 18 months by our masterclass and doctorate students within the Alliance to plan and document workshops and summer schools as well as for digital presentations of their Artistic Research work. It is an effective tool for teamwork and for showcasing one’s own work in a secure environment. Outstanding works can also be published and will then be subject to any applicable Open Access rules.

The Research Catalogue creates a link between elaborated documentation of artistic work, expositions and comments that engage with the contribution of the work as research and creation of individual profiles that present the researchers work. The RC is free to use for artists and researchers. It serves also as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment, peer review workflows and research funding administration. It strives to be an open space for experimentation and exchange.

Link to EU4ART_differences Project Portal

Contact for the Project Portal: Janis Gailitis and Claudia Reichert