ABARoma Lab

CARE (Creative Artistic Research Ecosystem) is the laboratory of artistic research realized as a partnership between ABARoma and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) from Roma Tre University aimed to build a transdisciplinary model for a common methodology of art and science research. CARE intends to build a research environment constituted by students and professors from both the institutions working on a common project that will be based upon cross – contamination, between the two disciplines of art and nuclear physics, enriching each other’s perspective on approaches and methodologies.

CARE Kick off

On Thursday, January 19 the historical ABARoma’s venue hosted the Kick-off of the laboratory, conceived to be a preliminary encounter between the two institutions to introduce each other study fields and research activities. A dense agenda with keynote speeches was planned to be held during the day, but discussions and questions turned to be pivotal from the very first talk nourishing internal debate. It was discussed Quality assessment and evaluation in art research (Joh Butler, EQ-Arts’ CEO); Physics from University Roma Tre gave an introduction to Nuclear Physics (Mauro Iodice (Nuclear Physic, Professor), Giuseppe Salamanna (Nuclear Physic, Associate Professor), Biagio Di Micco (Nuclear Physic, Associate Professor), Ilaria De Angelis (Nuclear Physic, Professor). Art projects and researches carried out by international artist at the crossroad of art and science fueled discussion and favored a beginning of an exchange between two different languages with many common traits in approaches and methodologies. The discussion was so A second meeting took place on Thursday 9th February afternoon at the Nuclear Physics Department.

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Inside INF’s laboratories a the University Roma Tre

The first phase of the exchange continued in a second meeting, hosted at INF at Roma Tre University where discussion continued while visiting the laboratories that work in conjuction with the large structure of CERN in Geneva.

The work has started and it is now undergoing the more intense phase of addressing a common project and process until the outcomes will be presented during a week long Festival on Artistic Research, connected to the European Researcher’s night.

>>> Inside INF’s laboratories a the University Roma Tre


Senior and Junior Scientist WP2,3,4,5:
Costanza Barbieri
Franco Ripa di Meana
Elena Giulia Rossi
Cinzia Pietribiasi (Junior Scientist WP3)
Veronica Di Geronimo (Junior Scientist WP2,5)
Cristian Rizzuti, multimedia artists and professor

Representatives and Professors from National Institute for Nuclear Physics from Roma Tre University:
Mauro Iodice (Nuclear Physic, Professor)
Giuseppe Salamanna (Nuclear Physic, Associate Professor)
Biagio Di Micco (Nuclear Physic, Associate Professor)
Ilaria De Angelis (Nuclear Physic, Professor)
Adriana Postiglione

EQ-ARTs Member:
John Butler, EQ-ARTs CEO

Guest Professors from Fine Arts Academy of Rome:
Raffaele Gavarro
Marco Brandizzi
Franco Speroni


CARE Activities in Rome

Session #1

Thursday, January 19th, 2023


Session #2

Thursday February 9th, 2023

The preliminary research phase for the creation of a laboratory arising from the partnership between the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma and the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), as part of the European Horizon EU4ART_differences’ project, continued.

The second encounter followed the one that, on 19 January 2023 at the Rome Fine Arts Academy’s historical venue,  marked the launch of the laboratory christened CARE (Creative Artistic Research Ecosystem). The themes that were discussed in the first meeting, such as quality assessment and evaluation in artistic research, an alternating of stories related to nuclear physics and to artistic experimentation with science initiated the discussion on methodological approaches of transdisciplinary experimentation.

Conversation and debate took place in the setting of the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the Università Roma Tre with the aim of taking the first steps towards the concretization of  common experiments

Session #3

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

The meeting on March 16th follows the first two preliminary days in which the institutions engaged in a dialogue on relevant research topics committed to initiate the various strands of the workshop, which will develop between performance and multimedia practices. 

The update on the status of the work opened the discussion with participating artists and nuclear physicists and onlookers on the topic of data visualization and research lexicography, aimed at laying the ground for a common methodology.