HfBK Dresden Lab

Kick-off at HfBK Dresden (Photo: C. Reichert)

Professors, workshop leaders, Meisterschüler:innen, and alumni have expressed a strong desire for a more in-depth training of Artistic Research fundamentals and a third cycle offer in both faculties. Since October 2022 a one-year pilot phase for a postgraduate additional qualification with an emphasis on the intersection between art and research is running at HfBK Dresden. Thus, ten postgraduates can expand their personal skills, professional fields of action, and international networks. The postgraduate supplementary qualification should, on the one hand, improve the postgraduates’ chances of success in the artistic and/or scientific fields, while also increasing the attractiveness of the HfBK in the third cycle, making the university internationally recognizable and competitive. A working group of professors and scientific staff at HfBK developed a concept, which is implemented and will be running until September 2023.

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Outreach activities in Dresden

Knowledge Creates Space In this 2022 collaboration project with TU Dresden  joint projects were developed bringing together the fields of theory, art, architecture and science, which at the end of the project phase was made accessible to a broad university and city public through artistic-scientific interventions in urban space.
>>>Project Webpage of TU Dresden

Long Night of Science Dresden:
Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year the Long Night of Science (‘Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft’) has become a staple in Dresdens cultural life. Artistic Research projects of our Lab students will be presented in a public space making use of the dissemination possibility on 30th June 2023.  More info will follow, stay tuned!
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Documentation of block seminaries from October 2022

Listed below are those events, which were accessible beyond the core group of our scholarship holders.

Block event 1 • 17-20 October 2022.
>>> Agenda first block event
>>> Lecture Till Ansgar Baumhauer – Basiscs of Artistic Research (German)
>>> Lecture by Stefan Römer
>>> Lecture by Angelica Speroni

Block event 2  •  5 – 9 December 2023 
>>> Agenda second block event
>>> Lecture Prof. Stefanie Wenner (watch on YouTube)
>>> Peers’n’Differences #1
>>> Lecture Prof. Dominique Lämmli  (watch on YouTube)

Block event 5 • 23 – 27 January 2023
>>> Agenda third block event
>>> Lecture José Segebre und François Pisapia
>>> Peers’n’Differences #2
>>> Lecture Manuel Maciá (LMA)

Block event 4 • 24 – 28 April 2023
>>>Interview workshop with Prof. Nicole Vögele

Block event 5 • 23 – 26 May 2023
>>> Lecture by Emma Cocker
>>> Workshop “Performing Embodied Knowledge”

Block event 6 • 10 – 14 July 2023
>>> Lecture by Eduardo Molinary
>>> Lecture by Vu Huy Thong

Final exhibition “challenging (un)certain terrain” • 29 September – 08 October 2023