Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the Art Academy of Latvia governs the collection, storage and use of personal data collected on its home page.

By accessing this home page, you confirm that you have read and understood this privacy policy. This privacy policy describes the way personal data of visitors to the website is being collected and processed.

Who we are

This homepage belongs to four institutions – the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Budapest), Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and Art Academy of Latvia, and is managed by the Art Academy of Latvia (registration number 90000029965, registered address Kalpaka bulvāris 13, Riga, Latvia), known as data controller. The data controller shall protect and care about the privacy of home page visitors and the protection of personal data. The data controller undertakes to respect your rights to the legal processing and protection of personal data, as well as to comply with applicable personal data protection laws – the Personal Data Processing Law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and others, if applicable to data processing.

What data we can collect

We can collect and store the following data of you:

  • information about your computer (IP address, device model, screen size, Internet browser)
  • your geographical location;
  • the information you provide to apply for new information;
  • any other information you want to send to us.

How can we use the collected data

We can use your personal data to:

  • provide your device, screen size, and browser with the most appropriate home page viewing and technical solution;
  • remember your choice of language;
  • remember your cookie settings;
  • respond to your requests for information;
  • preventing or detecting fraud or other crimes;
  • ensure your data is safe.

Cookies policy

We use short-term (session) and long-term (permanent) cookies. Session cookies allow us to track your actions within a single visit session, but they are not stored in your system after the visit. Persistent cookies are stored in your system between sessions. We use them to authenticate you and remember your settings.

We also use third-party cookies to ensure safe and convenient functioning of the home page, as well as internal statistics, namely to learn more about the activities of the visitor on the home page and to analyse the experience of the use of the visiting home page.

These cookies are mandatory for the functioning of the home page, but also optional ones for which you may not agree. In this case, the home page will not load a code that calls this optional cookie action. As optional cookies, we use a Google Analytics service that sends user activity data to Google servers. Google’s privacy policy does not allow the sending of personally identifiable information, so we call for agreement to use these optional cookies. For more information about Google Analytic cookies, please see this link.


Your information will not be disclosed to third parties unless we have obtained your explicit consent, or the disclosure will be requested in accordance with the law.

Edit and update your data

If you want to review, edit, update, or otherwise change the information provided to us or you want to ban it from managing, please contact us.

Your data security

We are trying to ensure that your personal data is protected, so this website is protected by appropriate means for protecting against loss, misuse, or tampering with information that we cannot control. Although we are taking precautionary measures to protect confidential information and ensure adequate security, we do not guarantee that the information transmitted on the Internet is secure or that such transmissions will not be affected by delays, interference, interception or errors.

Links to other webpages

Please note that our privacy policy does not apply to other webpages that you can reach through our home page.


This privacy policy may be changed without prior notice. The latest version of the privacy policy has been published on this homepage.

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