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DIGITAL RITES and EMBODIED MEMORIES is EU4ART_differences Doctoral Summer School that will take place in a monastery in Monte Compatri (Rome) and online with a series of talks open to the public, from September 6 to September 9.

Within a bucolic and spiritual landscape that characterises the Roman countryside, ABAROMA organised four full days of webinars and workshops in order to tackle two main research questions: Do we need digital rites, and how can we shape them? Are our digital experiences translating into embodied memories?

About a fortnight before the arrival in Rome, all participants will meet online to begin their mutual acquaintance in advance. For that occasion, digital “rooms” will be employed as showcases to display works and artistic research, starting to have shared experiences of hybrid spaces.

During the Summer School eminent scholars and experts will deliver talks on several interrelated topics that cover subjects such as artificial intelligence in arts and humanities, immersive technologies, gamification, digital currencies, embodied memories and neurosciences.

Doctoral students and junior scientists will have the chance to alternate working and chilling sections thanks to the several activities organized. Besides workshops and webinars with international artists, hikes and yoga classes are scheduled in the early mornings to build a collaborative atmosphere that will contribute to the research environments, which means to create common rituals in digital spaces and discuss their reminisces implications.

Webinars are open events. Each talk is followed by Q&A section. Undergraduate students, researchers, and everyone who is interested is welcomed to join.

The Doctoral Summer School: Digital Rites and Embodied Memories is part of the project EU4ART_differences and it will take place at Casa San Silvestro, Monte Compatri (RM) and online. In this context, EU4ART_differences inaugurates its portal on the Research Catalogue, a research tool used by artists, researchers and Professors, launching the important collaboration recently established between EU4ART_differences and the Society for Artistic Research (SAR).
Please download here the press release for the talks open to the public, here the flyer for the online morning lectures’ complete program and links for registration, here the program with authors’ abstracts and bios, and here the flyer of the program of the Summer School to know the complete program.