A.Re Days at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome

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The European Researchers’ Night, on September 29, 2023, was the closing event of the A.Re Days, three days dedicated to artistic research organised within EU4ART_differences, hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. The rich calendar of events that unfolded from September 23 until the 29th, celebrated the fruitful three-year collaboration between the Academies of Budapest, Dresden, Rome and Riga.

Held both onsite and online, the A.Re Days unfolded with a vibrant array of events, lectures and the fifth and sixth edition of Peers’n Differences, providing a platform for engaging discussions and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, sharing innovative and significant research projects developed throughout the EU4ART_differences collaboration cycle.

The event opened by discussing dissemination of artistic research through the joint projects that are in course of publication from the European University Alliance, with its innovative methods of combining graphics, visual and textual materials, paper and online sources. Dissemination through visual art was also discussed with the participation of Raitis Smits, part of EU4ART_differences’s team and pioneering artist, with his latest artistic projects realized in Virtual Reality, Atmospheric Forest (2020) and Deep Sensing (2023).

A special day was dedicated to ‘New Technologies for Cultural Heritage’, highlighting the interplay between technology and artistic research. Experts from prestigious institutions, such as the Central Institute for Graphics, the Vatican Museums and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) Roma Tre shared insights into creative and conservation processes, cataloguing and data access.

The grand finale on 29 September opened with a series of compelling keynote speeches on topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence to innovative laboratory methods used by partner academies, inaugurating a course on AI for students from different institutions in Europe which will continue in a series of lectures throughout the month of October.

The afternoon session opened the European Researchers’ Night, that marked the Academy’s first foray into the European Researcher’s Night, with “Challenges of Research”, three debates between artists, art critics and physicists on transdisciplinary topics. Until the late evening it was possible to participate to the interactive installations, presented as the first results of the laboratory CARE – Creative Artistic Research, with the presentation of art installations Collisions, Necessity and Mystery, together with the first outputs of °’°Kobi, new knowledge ecosystem in the form of a browser experience through the HOLOLENS, and other projectualities realized within the Academy, such as Risonanza [#1], conceived within the School of New Technologies for the Arts.

While Rome joined the European Researchers Night as official partners of LEAF, MKE Budapest and HfkB Dresden celebrated artistic research by organising outreach events also onsite at their respective Academies. Budapest explored ‘Sustainability and Insecurity’ through a public lecture, while Dresden celebrated the opening of an exhibition showcasing the results of artistic research at the Academy.

All in all, A.Re Days offered a delightful and enlightening tapestry of events and discussions that provided a glimpse into the present of artistic research in partners’ institutions, toward future perspectives of R&I at large.

images: (cover 1) A.Re Days, invitation (2) Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Campo Boario venue, ph: Monkeys Video Lab (3-4) A.Re Days, conferences, ph: Monkeys Vide Lab (presentation of Kobi, A.Re Days (5)  a captured moment of °’°Kobi’s mixed reality experience, ph: Monkeys Video Lab

You can browse here below the full calendar of events that unfolded during the A.Re Days in Rome, 26-29 September
27 – 29 September, 2023. A.Re Days,  in Rome and online: Download here the programme, here the press release, and here the Booklet with Abstracts and Bios, including the onsite events at The Academy of Fine Arts of Rome within The European Researchers’ Night.
September 29, 2023. The Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, 5 – 9 p.m.
Public talk in the frame of the A.Re Days at the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest: Sustainability and Insecurity. Imagining the Future of the research in the ‘Zone’.
Moderators: Mátyás Fusz, Szabolcs KissPál, Gabriella Kiss
September 29, 2023. Dresden University of Fine Arts, 3.30 – 10 p.m.  
Official opening of the Lab for Artistic Research’s closing exhibition: challenging (un)familiar terrain – Artistic Research at the Dresden University of Fine Arts with the presentations of the individual results of the participants. 3.30 p.m. public presentations, 7 p.m. official opening. Moderator: Till A. Baumhauer. The exhibition runs until 8 October 2023. 


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