Successful Review Meeting

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The EU4ART_differences interim review meeting was successfully concluded on 19 September 2022.

The status quo of all work packages were presented to the project officer and technical reviewer in a half-day online meeting followed by an in-depth discussion on future steps and policies. We were, both, excited and thrilled to finally present the outcome of 545 days as a European team of professors, research students, administrators and artists. Our presentations received appreciation, crucial feedback and valuable questions helping us to plan our time ahead. All planned milestones, results and deliverables for the reference period have been reached successfully. The consortium will continue its hard work towards the accomplishment of the next milestones. Congratulations to the whole team!

We will now focus on the launch and implementation of the four Artistic Research labs at our academies.More information will be disseminated through our webpage and Social Media channels soon.