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Dominika Drótos: Invisible monument, performance and public action, Liberty Square, Budapest,2022
Photo: Mátyás Czeglédi 


In the framework of the EU4Art_differences project the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (HUFA) is setting up an artistic research laboratory in cooperation with the other members of the project, the ABARoma Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, the HfBK Dresden University of Fine Arts and LMA Art Academy of Latvia.

The Research LAB of HUFA kicked off with its pilot project in November 2022, and was established in 2023 as part of the curriculum.

The concept of the HUFA Research LAB is based on the firm consideration, that artistic research is not an individual activity, rather a collective endeavor that requires a discursive space, therefore the core intention is to demonstrate the potential of collaboration as opposed to a purely individual research strategy. Since artistic research in one way or another aims at cultural transformation, its ideal positioning would require embeddedness not only into the system of cultural institutions, galleries and museums, but into a broader socio-cultural landscape as well, in which the research outputs can possibly be converted into a legitimate social agency of art as a discipline. Therefore our LAB supports the methodologies of research through art, and prioritizes the investigation, articulation and application of new artistic formats and strategies leading to new social alliances.

Read more about the individual research projects of the students participating in the HUFA AR LAB on the website: RESEARCH – MKE Artistic Research Lab