Exposing Artistic Research on the Research Catalogue

HfBK Dresden

Change of date: this session will now happen Thursday, 26 Jan!

In this session for the HfBK Artistic Research Labs, we will explore the Research Catalogue (RC) as a tool for publishing and ‘exposing’ artistic research work. We will discuss discuss the term ‘expositionality’—a key guiding notion for publishing in the broad field of artistic research, coined by Michael Schwab. Taking expositionality as a starting point, we will look at the features and technical potentials of the RC as a powerful digital tool for exploring, archiving, and publishing artistic research.

This online event is open to students from all EU4ART_differences institutions.

Please read the following text before the session and come prepared for an open discussion:

Schwab, Michael. 2011. ‘Editorial’. Journal for Artistic Research, no. 0 (November).

Please create a RC account:

If you are not a student from Dresden please e-mail differences.eu4art@hfbk-dresden.de the event for the Zoom link latest on 24 January 2023.


Dr Manuel Macia is Senior Scientist for EU4ART_differences at the Art Academy of Latvia and a Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR).