°’°Kobi System presented at CELDA Conference. A new tool for EU4ART_differences Knowledge ecosystem.

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At the 19th edition of International Conference CELDA (Cognition and Exploring Learning in the Digital Age), on Wednesday 9th N0vember 2022 Professor Alberto Giretti presented “Knowledge mapping for creative thinking. A knowledge tool for the creative practitioner in art and design” a research project funded by EU4ART_differences.

In the framework of WP4 of the European project EU4ART_differences, committed to the creation of Knowledge ecosystem, Professor Franco Ripa di Meana started a joint research partnership with Massimo Giretti and Matteo Zambelli, respectively professors at Marche Polytechnic University and University of Bologna, to create a knowledge tool for art education and creative thinking.  The team constituted by Alberto Giretti, Massimo Lemma, Matteo Zambelli, Franco Ripa di Meana developed °’°Kobi, a pedagogical tool that can be used by teachers and students for supporting students’ education in artistic or design activities.

From the architecture perspective, °’°Kobi is provided with a search engine that associates conceptual structures that have contextual semantic relevance. It reinterprets the Knowledge Mapping paradigm and elicits knowledge through the navigation by semantic associations on multidisciplinary domains. °’°Kobi was conceived to implement the knowledge ecosystem that the Alliance is building. Indeed, it contributes in creating an apparatus for Knowledge transfer and creativity, while establishing a community of users who interact and communicate, whether teachers or learners.


°’°Kobi system hosts Miro and Research Catalogue (RC), the international platform for publishing artistic research that EU4ART_differences joined. The Research Catalogue interface for Kobi is currently in construction; contents and research published on RC will be mirrored and integrated in °’°Kobi in order to foster collaboration amid EU4ART_differences initiatives and research activities.

The team already tested °’°Koby system in Design Method classes at University of Florence, and it is going to be piloted in a number of courses at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome as didactic tool. In the upcoming months °’°Kobi System will be further developed with virtual reality extensions, sound will be used as navigating vector, and Hololens will be integrated to stimulate the knowledge embodiment.

images: (1) An example of a perceptive map in °’°Kobi ; (2) °’°Kobi knowledge eco-system represented as a content list (left) and 3D graph (right)