EU4ART_differences at ELIA

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EU4ART_differences revealed the first steps of construction of The Creative Ecosystem of the European project that the Alliance is bringing forward at the ELIA Bienniale (22 – 26 November, 2022), this year hosted by UNIARTS Helsinki and organised by the most important association of Arts Academies in Europe, that is to say ELIA – European League of Institute of Arts.

The event and conference, this 2022 attended by over 500 representatives from 150 different Academies, was rhythmed by three days of lectures, workshops, and informal meetings, run with an organisation conceived so to support the fostering of encounters among people, institutions and research, living the floor to discussion, but also to the experiencing of methods and approaches related to research.

In this frame, on November 25 2022, representing the Rome Fine Arts Academy within the session A Knowledge Ecosystem for Creative Thinking, Franco Ripa di Meana presented °’° Kobi, a search engine and teaching tool that aims to support students’ training in art and design activities, realized in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche and the Department of Architecture of Florence University. °’° Kobi is one of a series of tools envisioned within a number of initiatives addressed to the digital implementation of didactics in Academies, Universities and the research environments at large.

The first results of the research were presented after two years of work and in a pivotal moment of the project that is about to enter into its pilot phase. Concurrently, the workflow of program for the next twelve months was revealed: it includes the integration of mixed reality forms into the ecosystem through the adoption of HOLOLENS visors, and a forthcoming collaboration with CIMIL (Creative, Intelligent & Multisensory Interactions Laboratory) of the University of Trento.

Within the same day, for the session Universities: The student involvement of the EU4ART Alliance young researchers of the EU4ART Alliance, representing the leader Academy HfBK Dresden (Kathrina Biksone, Angelica Speroni, Katrina Pennington, Patrick Nicholas Tayler), talked about the importance of art for the development of a European identity and tracked back their approach to the managing of the exchange student program.

The two presentations happened within a sold – out event and they were welcomed with great interest, an important antechamber of an increasing enlargement of the network and a consolidation of the exiting one.