EU4ART: Project completion

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On April 28, 2023, the Fine Art Academy of Rome hosted the final event of the EU4ART, bringing together all partners to review the project’s outcome and celebrate the end.

The closing event aimed to reflect on the series of art initiatives and educational programs that the EU4ART team organized. With the participation of guests and EU4ART_differences representatives, professors, mentors, and students spoke about their experiences, focusing on both the academic and cultural dimensions of the project.

During the event, that served as a confluence point for all partners to reflect on the project’s successes and outcomes, also EU4ART_differences found place for discussion. Professor Franco Ripa di Meana, WP4 Lead of EU4ART_differences’ project, underscore some of key results and achievements, testament of the power of collaboration and the synergy of diverse talents.

Thanks to the robust foundation laid by the Alliance, students and professors were afforded the opportunity to explore different artistic traditions and pedagogical techniques. This encouraged learning, broadened their training, and enriched the art culture of European nations.

The closing event of EU4ART wrapped up with a roundtable discussion and an art exhibition, offering the audience a visual representation of the project’s key milestones.


images: (cover 1) Janis Gailitis, ph: Monkeys Video Lab; (2) EU4ART Final Event at The Fine Arts Academy of Rome, ph: Monkeys Video Lab; (3) Professor Franco Ripa di Meana presenting E4ART_differences project’s results, ph: Monkeys Video Lab; (4) EU4ART final exhibition at The Fine Arts Academy of Rome, ph: Monkeys Video Lab.