Rīga episode in Survival kit festival

On September 8, 2023, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art Survival Kit festival showcased a captivating performance featuring a collaborative effort by artists Claus Schöning Lam Yong (DE), Bernadett Jobbágy (HU), Nele Hartmann (DE) from Germany, Hungary, and Latvia, along with Līva Rutmane-Kalniņa (LV), held at the vibrant Vidzemes market.

This event not only probed into contemporary individual creative practices but also explored the potential of merging them into a unified expression. Through innovative dialogues, it sought to reinvigorate the evolving essence of artistic processuality while amplifying public awareness about the art-making journey.

The documented performance also showcased pieces by Adela Součková from her installation “One for Birth, Two for Place, Three for Struggle, Four for Form, Five for Rest, Six for Pleasure, Seven for Death,” created between 2017-2023.

In alignment with the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation initiative, the “EU4ART_differences” project is pioneering artistic research. This endeavor unfolds through an array of engaging public events at partner art universities, executed in collaboration with the Art Academy of Latvia, and in partnership with esteemed counterparts from the Art Academies of Rome, Hungary, and Dresden.

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