Workshop: Printing and thinking under the magnolia tree

HfBK Dresden

Our mobile gravure press “Tracey” will be placed in the inner courtyard of the HfBK Dresden.  We have freed it from any reproduction tasks. We question it together, side by side, in the here and now with the things that are at hand. We play their stage with the material printing process and print in the discursive interplay between craft and concept, between laboratory and oracle.

The two-day experimental workshop will take place on June 15 and 16, 2023. The workshop will be led by Florian Dombois and Michael Güntzburger.

Florian Dombois is an artist and head of the research focus Transdisciplinarity at ZHdK. He works on and with wind, time, lability and tectonics. His practice is articulated in diverse media, often in happenings and sound installations.

Michael Günzburger is an artist. He produces images with “chimeras” in printing processes. Their processes are for him negotiating space of material, research and loss of control. This in the context of a research that starts from practice.