Peers’n’differences #2

HfBK Dresden

Our EU4ART alliance is launching Artistic Research (AR) labs at all partner academies in Riga, Rome, Budapest, and Dresden in order to empower artists and make artistic practice and research visible. This endeavour is supported by Horizon2020’s SWAF (Science with and for Society) programme.

Starting with the summer school in Montecompatri, several of us have already had the chance to introduce others to their Artistic Research projects and learn more about them. In December 2022 we started this new format of an online colloquium and we hereby invite you to

Peers’n’differences #2
on Wednesday, 25 January 2022 at 2 p.m. CET

Every 4-6 weeks on Zoom, Peers’n’differences is set to take place, allowing 3-5 students the chance to present their work. Following the presentation, there will be time for discussion.

If you would like to join the event as peer or/and speaker, please check the “Registration” box. This event is hosted by HfBK Dresden and part of the local AR block session 5-9 December.

Agenda Peers'n'differences #2

There will be small breaks throughout the programme.

2. p.m.: Welcome

2.15 p.m.: Presentation Flavia Coccioletti (ABARoma): Museum Accessibility (15 min) & Peer Feedback (25 min)

3 p.m.: Presentation Claus Schöning (HfBK): Metamaterial Studies for Circularity – a status report (15 min) & Peer Feedback (25 min)

3.45 p.m.: Dániel Máté (MKE): Warmth of our bodies: The politics of heat in and around the human body.  (15 min) & Peer Feedback (25 min)

(15 minutes break)

4.45 p.m.: Presentation Laura Vela (LMA): Wounded Memory (15 min) & Peer Feedback (25 min)

5.30 p.m.: Closing words & feedback round


In order to participate as peer audience, please write an e-mail to giving your

  • name
  • affliation to students, graduates, researchers, professors
  • affiliation to a partner academies

You will receive the Zoom link as soon as possible.

In order to be a speaker at this event (or any later event), please write an e-mail to giving your

  • name
  • title and short absract of your Artistic Research project
  • affiliation to a partner academy

More information will be provided via e-mail.

Additional information: By sending us an email you accept being added to our mailing list for further Peers’n’Differences events — you can always opt-out, so please let us know if you only want to participate in this event.