LMA Artistic Research Labs: Perspectives on Artistic Research Publishing

LMA Riga

An introduction to the Research Catalogue by Raitis Smits and Manuel Macía

24 Feb 2022 / 1PM Riga / 12 PM Berlin
Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84588941667?pwd=Q3FmUnM4TmZ2am9RdzBqcTdMU0N0QT09

This online event is open to postgraduate students from all EU4ART_differences institutions.

In this LMA Artistic Research Labs session, Raitis Smits and Manuel Macía will introduce the Research Catalogue (RC) from two ends of the artistic research publishing cycle.

Raitis Smits will introduce practical aspects of the RC, taking the perspective of an artist-researcher. Smits will discuss: registering, creating profiles, and creating expositions on the RC; the different types of RC publishing editors and layouts; and publishing media content, including metadata and licensing. To ground these points, Smits will share his experience of publishing ‘Biotricity—Swamp Radio Laboratory’, a collaborative artistic research project with Rasa Smite.

Manuel Macía will address practical aspects on the other end of the publishing process, looking at what happens once an exposition is published or submitted to a journal. Macía will discuss Michael Schwab’s key notion of ‘expositionality’; the challenges that rich media poses to traditional publication formats; peer reviewing; and open licences and intellectual property. To ground these points, Macía will share a brief overview of the editorial process at the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), from his perspective as an Editorial Board member.

We will have a space for discussion towards the end of the session.

Please read/revisit the following text before the session:
Schwab, Michael. 2011. ‘Editorial’. Journal for Artistic Research, no. 0 (November).

Please create an RC account:

Raitis Smits and Manuel Macía are part of the Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) and the EU4ART_differences Project.