Art Market Budapest

MKE Budapest

During Art Market Budapest works of EU4Art students were displayed on the exhibition stand of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (HUFA) between 6th and 9th October. The artefacts dealt with the ways how students coped with the recent global and personal crises at an international level. The selection represented not only traditional techniques, but fresh tendencies and new mediums as well. On the fair collectors and art lovers could discover new talents and gained an overview about the profile of each EU4Art member institution. Furthermore, the event offered an unique retail opportunity for the students, as all displayed works were on sale.  

Experts of the EU4Art Alliance outlined the newest strategies of art education during a panel discussion on 9th October. The speakers were Tiziana D’Acchille (Academy of Fine Arts of Rome), Antra Priede (Academy of Latvia, Riga), Andrea Weippert (Dresden Academy of Fine Arts) and Patrick Tayler (Hungarian University of Fine Arts). The talk was moderated by László Lelkes, vice-rector of the HUFA. 

Art Market Budapest is the biggest art fair in East-Central Europe. It was established in 2011 and focuses especially on the new, inspiring artistic trends and the talents of the future. The fair attracts huge international attention every year, exhibitors have arrived from more than 40 countries of 5 continents so far. The annual number of visitors is estimated to be around 30.000.